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The POWERbreathe Medic IMT device offers an evidence-based, drug-free treatment for patients in a variety of medical conditions such as COPD, heart failure, asthma, thoracic surgery, ventilator weaning, cystic fibrosis and neuromuscular disease. The Medic has been taken up by medical professionals as an adjunct to pharmacological treatments. It can be used as a standalone therapy or in conjunction with pulmonary rehabilitation, with or without supervision, and can be easily used straight out of the box. Respiratory muscle weakness is inherent in various patient groups and a major contributor to the perception of difficult or laboured breathing (dyspnoea). However, when the inspiratory muscles are ‘overloaded’ regularly using the Medic, they adapt and become stronger and more resistant to fatigue. Activating stronger inspiratory muscles requires less effort during a given task, reducing dyspnoea. This has been shown to improve exercise tolerance and quality of life, particularly in patients with COPD. Benefits to Patients; These benefits were the findings of trials and research in which the original POWERbreathe Medic was the intervention used. 1. Increase in quality of life 2. Reduction in drug intake by up to 75% 3. Non-invasive treatment 4. Drug-free with no side effects or drug interactions 5. The first non pharmacological treatment for respiratory disease 6. Clinically proven by a wealth of research 7. Continuous research leads a program of development and new products 8. Reduces perception of effort and increases blood flow to locomotor muscles thereby enabling increased activity or exercise 9. Training adjunct for Pulmonary Rehab 10. Can be used straight out of the box


Usage/Application: Personal and Hospital, Material: Plastic, Brand: Power Breathe, Power Source: The more air you pull in, the more power you can generate. The harder you condense the air, the more, Therapy Modes: Muscle Training, Color: White

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