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POWERbreathe Plus is designed to be simple and easy to use. With 11 easily adjustable levels over time you will be able to strengthen your inspiratory breathing muscles. Helping you to increase your stamina and overall wellness. The POWERbreathe Plus is the second generation of mechanical breathing trainers, and features the following design improvements: Optimised airflow performance to make training more effective Fully integrated, easily adjustable resistance mechanism Easy to read resistance level indicator Ergonomic design with softer, more comfortable mouthpiece Our scientifically proven training regime of 30 breaths, twice a day typically takes only a few minutes and, used properly, you should start to see the benefits within just a few weeks. Inspiratory muscle training is proven by sports scientists and medical professionals to exercise and strengthen the muscles used to breathe in.


Specification/Additional Details Brand: Power Breathe, Model Name: LR Plus, Intended Use: Personal, Color: Green, Usage/Application: Strength

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