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Oxynovo BPAP 30T Is A Non-invasive Ventilator Used For The Treatment Of Breathing Problems Such As Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Respiratory-related Arousal (Rera), Snore, Flow Limitation (Fl), Leak, Vibratory Snore (Vs), Obstructive Airway\\Apnea (Oa), Large Leak (Ll), Clear Airway Apnea (Ca), Periodic Breathing (Pb), And Hypopnea (H). It Comes With An Integrated Stainless Steel Heated Humidifier And Ramp Function For User Comfort. The Device Comes With Seven Therapy Modes: Cpap,Apap, S, Auto S, T, St, Tvaps And Pc. Oxynovo BPAP 30T Comes With A Sleek And Ergonomic Design And An Intuitive Display Interface Which Ensures A Simple And Convenient User Experience. Various Modes Available, Makes It A Complete Device For Home Respiratory Care. Stainless- Steel Humidifier Chamber, Efficiently Keeps The Temperature Constant, Thus Reducing Stimulation Of The Respiratory Tract. One-press-open Humidifier Lid, Makes It Easy For Filling Water Into The Chamber.


Specification/Additional Details Brand: Oxynovo, Model: TVAPS 30T, Type: Auto BiPAP, Pressure Range (cm H2O): 30 PSI, Operating Mode: Auto, Sound/Noise Level: Low Noise

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